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Lorin Krenn Membership

Why Join?

Joining the Lorin Krenn Membership means you embark on a journey with like-minded individuals to create and experience deep and healthy intimacy. By creating deep intimacy, as a man, or a woman, you are not just able to find the right partner or deepen your current relationship, you are able to get to know yourself at the most intimate level, integrate your shadow, and liberate your most authentic Self. It is impossible to experience deep intimacy and to NOT be a highly confident, aligned, and empowering person that kicks ass in this world.

What the Lorin Krenn Membership offers

🖥 Bi-weekly 90-minute LIVE group coaching calls with Lorin (Always on Sundays)

🌬 Deep Intimacy Breathwork (A unique method created by Lorin and his partner that creates an energetic state within from which you naturally create deep intimacy and experience mind-blowing sex)

🔥 Premium content area: This is where Lorin shares in-depth teachings and practices about masculine/feminine dynamics, sexual polarity, and deep intimacy. 

⚡️25% off the full price of all future LIVE masterclasses/recordings

📝Ritual week: After every live group coaching call you will receive powerful assignments that allow you to create deep shifts in your life

❓Exclusive Member Q&A: Pick Lorin's brain on your biggest challenges

It's mobile friendly!

We have decided to not only make the membership mobile friendly but to make sure there is no difference whatsoever and loss of important features if you intend to use your phone mainly or solely. Whether you prefer to use your brand new iPhone, your laptop, or pc, all works perfectly.

Not sure?

Because we believe in our work and the transformational power it contains, you can cancel anytime and there is no contract longer than the time you have agreed to be with us (Example: if you pay monthly you can cancel anytime during that month before the next payment). We are here to serve you, not to keep you. 

*Please note, however, payments already made are a commitment for the length you have chosen. These are non-refundable.

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